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Cuckoo Rooftop


Cuckoo Hospitality

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The challenge in crafting the brand identity for Cuckoo, a new rooftop bar, lay in seamlessly integrating the essence of the bird's physical characteristics and its metaphorical associations. Balancing the playful and clever nature of the bird while also alluding to the quirky and unconventional aspects associated with the term "cuckoo" in common language.


To address this challenge, the brand design focused on a fusion of the physical traits of the cuckoo bird and the metaphorical connotations associated with the term. The long tail of the cuckoo bird, symbolizing uniqueness and distinction, along with the weird, screaming face, became the central element in the logo. The tail was artfully extended to create an abstract and eye-catching visual element, while the tongue sticking out gave the charming weirdness of the metaphorical connotation. These characteristics, along with the custom, rough font, and vivid palette, completed the identity of the cuckoo, making it stand out in a weirdly beautiful way.

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logo on apron
main logo of brand
alternative logos
pattern created from logo
green tote bag hanging from car mirror
dude wearing a fancy pink bucket hat
pink and green colour palette
guy wearing a black t-shirt
green shirt with gold enamel pins
menu next to a cocktail glass
green apron with pink logo
details of apron
huge pink logo on green background

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