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it’s all about perspective. nekativ space gives meaning, removes the unnecessary & creates clarity. at the of the day it’s all about...

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Detail-oriented and results-driven

professional with experience in branding,

UI/UX design and project management.

Freelancer 2017-2019

- Collaborated with professionals from various fields.
- Solely responsible for creating and delivering projects.

Nekaitv (Lead Designer & Founder) 2019-Present

- Assembling design systems, providing clear guides to increase design quality and ensuring that everything is in par with international design standards.
- Effectively operating and collaborating with the team in the creation of the end product, while making sure that all operations run smoothly.
- In charge of building strong relationships across teams and clients.
- Optimizing and validating internal design processes.

education 2014-2018

Cyprus University of Technology
BA in Multimedia and Graphic Design

- Graduated with High Distinction.
- Thesis was sold to the university and used as a blueprint for developing online educational videos for academic purposes.

futher experience

Cyprus Association of Graphic Design & Illustration (Member)

- Assisting in organizing CAGDI events.
- Participated in international conferences.
- Being involved in the creation of promotional material.

Food Processing Industry
Website Design and Rebranding

Supervised the whole process of rebranding and website design/development.
Generated ideas and provided design guidelines for the team.
Adjusted all deliverables based on data acquired from users.
Responsible for overseeing the creative process and ensuring deadlines were met.
Pitched and presented ideas to stakeholders.

Fine Jewellery
Custom Ecommerce

Responsible for the end-to-end process.
Drafted and executed new ideas based on user insights.
In charge of user testing and making the necessary alterations based on the data collected.
Upheld and led client meetings where insights were collected and feedback was received.

European Centre of Excellence Branding

Won the pitch out of 10 candidates.
Responsible for conceptualising and designing the product.
Supervised the whole process of branding from concept to final product.
Creating the brand manual, brand assets along with the guidelines.