here at nekativ we are all fun and games, literally almost all the time. but deadlines are all serious and business, we treat them so!

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Take ownership of projects from concept through completion. An intern at nekativ will become a versatile individual capable of managing their own workflow, following given guidelines, collaborating with other professionals and delivering groundbreaking work to deadline.


Conceptualize and develop all visual assets including design work, portfolio work, social media posts, animated videos etc. Deliver creative visual assets, static and motion, that bring ideas to life. Translate requirements into design ideas and mock-ups and present them to team and clients.

This is a 3 months, paid, remote position.



A final year student or recent graduate eager to learn and create.‍‍‍‍


Exceptional organizational and analytical skills with attention to detail.


Responsible and self-motivated, able to undertake and fulfill tasks.


Ability to multitask and create work based on given guides and manuals.


Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud.


Familiarity with After Effects and motion graphics will be consider an asset.

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